New Diplomates

Continuing Certification for New Diplomates

The ABPath is committed to the continuous professional development of our diplomates through the Continuing Certification (CC) Program, a program designed for physicians to maintain their board certification. The CC Program is an ongoing process that assists physicians in maintaining standards necessary for them to provide quality care throughout their career. A basic overview of the program is provided below. All program requirements are completed through the CC Program page of your PATHway account.

Participation in the CC Program will begin in January of the year following your initial certification.

If you are completing a fellowship you must participate in ABPath CertLink and submit your two-year CC Reporting form per the CC Booklet of Information.

There are two main requirements for diplomates to meet in the Continuing Certification (CC) Program to maintain their certification.

1. Participate in ABPath CertLink (ABPCL)

ABPath CertLink is an online longitudinal assessment program that facilitates learning.

  • Answer 10-15 questions every quarter.
  • Maintain a satisfactory performance of 60% correct or higher over a four year period.

You will receive a welcome email in December of the year you are certified and begin answering questions in January of the year following your certification.

Once you receive your welcome email, check out Getting Started in ABPCL.

2. Complete Reporting Forms

Reporting forms are due every two years.

You will provide:

  • Licensure information
  • CME
  • Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) credit

If you are certified in an odd year the reporting form will be due in December of the next odd year. even year will be due in the December of the next even year.

For example if you are certified in 2024, the reporting form will be due in December 2026.

CC Booklet of Information and Other Resources

The CC Booklet of Information is your primary source for policy information on the CC Program.

For a general overview of the program, diplomates can view and/or print:

CC Program Annual Fee

The annual fee for the CC Program is $150 and is payable through your PATHway account on the CC program page. The annual fee is due on Dec. 31 each year.