Test Development and Advisory Committees (TDACs)

Since 1971, the ABPath has appointed test committees for the various areas of pathology. The committees consist of ABPath trustees and other pathologists and physicians who are recognized experts in the various disciplines. In 2001, the role of these committees was expanded to include subject matter an advisory function for the Board. The 2024 members of the Test Development and Advisory Committees are as follows:

Anatomic Pathology

Mohiedean Ghofrani, MD – Chair
Kimberly Allison, MD
Jennifer Boland-Froemming, MD
Alain Borczuk, MD
Deborah L. Cook, MD
Jessica Davis, MD
Robert P Hasserjian, MD
Joseph Rabban, MD
Duane Schafer, DDS
Rhonda Yantiss, MD

Anatomic Pathology CertLink

Ritu Nayar, MD – Chair
Eric Glassy, MD – Vice Chair
Ahmed Alomari, MD
Luis Blanco, MD
Bonnie Choy, MD
Greg G. Davis, MD
Sarah Gibson, MD
Jennifer Hammers, DO
Evita Henderson-Jackson, MD
John Higgins, MD
Abberly Lott Limbach, MD
Balaram Puligandla, MD
Margaret Ryan, MD

Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine

Mark Fung, MD – Chair
Sally Campbell-Lee, MD
Meghan Delaney, MD
Nancy M. Dunbar, MD
Marisa B. Marques, MD
Alyssa Ziman, MD

Chemical Pathology

Edward R. Ashwood, MD – Chair
Rebecca Harris, MD
Andrew Hoofnagle, MD
Gary L. Horowitz, MD
Sean Li, MD
Caitlin Schein, MD

Clinical Pathology CertLink

Mark Fung, MD – Chair

Jennifer Laudadio, MD – Vice Chair
Melkon DomBourian, MD
Sean Li, MD
Mark Lovell, MD
Robin Patel, MD

Kalpana Reddy, MD
Karl S. Theil, MD


Ritu Nayar, MD – Chair
Scott Anderson, MD
Deborah Chute, MD
Evita Henderson-Jackson, MD
Zahra Maleki, MD
Swati Mehrotra, MD
Vanda Torous, MD
Roseann Wu, MD

(Includes ABPath and ABD appointees)

Matthew Wasco, MD – Chair

Tammie Ferringer, MD – Vice Chair
May Chan, MD
Ryan Hick, MD
Karl Napekoski, MD

Melissa Piliang, MD
Sara Shalin, MD
Michael Tetzlaff, MD
Travis Vandergriff, MD

Claudia Vidal, MD

Forensic Pathology

Barbara Sampson, MD – Chair
Elizabeth Bundock, MD
Maura DeJoseph, MD
Susan Ely, MD

Odette Hall, MD
John Lacy, MD
Jonathan R. Lucas, MD


James R. Cook, MD – Chair
Dan Arber, MD
Kyle T. Bradley, MD
Dong Chen, MD
Casey Gooden, MD
Russell Higgins, MD
Kristin Hunt Karner, MD

Management and Informatics

Kathleen G. Beavis, MD – Chair
Julie D. Kingery, MD – Vice Chair

Sterling Bennett, MD
Peter Perrota, MD
Christopher Lee Williams, MD

Medical Microbiology

Kathleen G. Beavis, MD – Chair
Bradley Ford, MD
Cindy McCloskey, MD
Robin Patel, MD
Chris Polage, MD
Daniel Rhoads, MD
Kamaljit S. Singh, MD

Molecular Genetic Pathology
(Includes ABPath and ABMGG appointees)

Jennifer Laudadio, MD – Chair
Miriam G. Blitzer, PhD
Jessica Booker, PhD
Allison Cushman-Vokoun, MD
Mark Ewalt, MD
Jane Gibson, MD
Randall Olsen, MD
Keyur Patel, MD
Catherine Rehder, MD
Lynette Sholl, MD

Sophia Yohe, MD


Eric Glassy, MD – Chair
Anne Buckley, MD
Sandra Camelo-Piragua, MD

Edward Lee, MD
Arie Perry, MD
Maria Martinez-Lage, MD
Fausto Rodriguez, MD
Matthew Schniederjan, MD

Pediatric Pathology

Jeffrey Goldstein, MD – Chair
Bonnie Cole, MD

Jason Jarzembowski, MD
Philip J. Katzman, MD
Alexandra Kovach, MD
Heather Rytting, MD
Sara Vargas, MD

CC Advisory Committee

The Continuing Certification (CC) Advisory Committee is made up of 12 volunteer diplomates with diverse backgrounds, specialties, and experience and is chaired by an ABPath Trustee. It is responsible for advising the ABPath Board of Trustees for continuous evaluation and improvement of Continuing Certification from a diplomate’s perspective. Each member serves three years on the Committee.

Julie Kingery, MD – Chair

La’Tonzia Adams, MD

Daisy Alapat, MD

Michelle Aurelius, MD

Nick Batalis, MD

Deniz Peker Barclift, MD

Ashton Byington, MD

Jared Coberly, MD

Jennifer Findeis-Hosey, MD

Raul Gonzalez, MD

Jennifer Kasten, MD

Thomas Lee, MD

Rose-Marie Rodriguez-Oringo, MD 

Jaclyn Rudzinski, MD

Saloni Walia, MD

Resident and Fellow Advisory Committee

The ABPath Resident and Fellow Advisory Committee is made up of Pathology Residents and Fellows with the purpose of providing feedback and suggestions for improvement to ABPath about the board certification process.

Gary Procop, MD – Chair

Fahire Akarca, MD
Thuy Cao, MD
Mischa Covington, MD
Joshua Davis, MD

Maryam Foroughi, MD
Savanah Gisriel, MD
Portia Letham, DO
Chukwuemeka Oriala, MD