Neuropathology Exam Description

The examination in neuropathology is a one-day, computer-based examination consisting of combined Written and Practical sections and Virtual Microscopy (VM) sections. There are no glass slides, only VM. The examination is administered as follows:

Neuropathology ExamTotal Number of QuestionsTotal Time
 Written/Practical Sections 1683 Hrs. 6 Mins
Virtual Microscopy623 Hrs. 6 Mins

All questions are multiple-choice and in the one-best-answer format. The questions are designed to measure the candidate’s body of knowledge and problem-solving ability.

Subject areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Normal neuroanatomy
  • Diagnostic neuropathology and patient care consultation
  • Theoretical, investigative, and administrative aspects of neuropathology
  • Specimens from the central or peripheral nervous systems, muscles, and organs of special senses
  • Relevant areas of general pathology

Please refer to the Exam Blueprint for the approximate percentage of questions in each topic.

Subspecialty Exam Blueprints and Daily Schedules