Forensic Pathology

Forensic Pathology Exam Description

The examination in forensic pathology is a one-day, computer-based examination consisting of combined Written and Practical sections and Virtual Microscopy (VM) sections. There are no glass slides, only VM. The examination is administered as follows:

Forensic Pathology ExamTotal Number of QuestionsTotal Time
 Written/Practical Sections 2253 Hrs. 45 Mins
Virtual Microscopy502 Hrs. 56 Mins

All questions are multiple-choice and in the one-best-answer format. Questions related to microscopic slides may be accompanied by an image or images (scene photograph, gross photograph, radiograph, etc.). The questions are designed to measure the candidate’s body of knowledge and problem-solving ability.

Subject areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Pathology and interpretation of natural disease, therapy, and trauma
  • Interpretation of injury patterns
  • Pathology and certification of natural and violent deaths
  • Interpretation of clinical and postmortem chemistry and toxicology
  • Molecular biology, forensic odontology, physical anthropology
  • Criminalistics, public health, jurisprudence, management, and safety

Subspecialty Exam Blueprints and Daily Schedules