Dermatopathology Exam Description

The examination in dermatopathology is a one-day, computer-based examination consisting of written/practical and Virtual Microscopy (VM) sections. There are no glass slides, only VM. The examination is administered as follows:

Dermatopathology ExamTotal Number of QuestionsTotal Time
 Written/Practical Sections 1603 Hrs. 13 Mins
Virtual Mictoscopy1104 Hrs. 9 Mins

All questions are multiple-choice and in the one-best-answer format. The questions are designed to measure the candidate’s body of knowledge and problem-solving ability. The practical examination includes images of gross lesions and special technical subjects including immunofluorescent, histochemical, microbiologic, and cytologic preparations.

Subject areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Diagnostic dermatopathology and related clinical and laboratory knowledge
  • Gross and microscopic diagnosis of skin disorders by direct visual inspection and light, fluorescence, and electron microscopy. Pertinent use of ancillary histochemical, bacteriologic, mycologic, virologic, and entomologic preparations..

  • Laboratory management, quality assessment and assurance, patient care decision making, and consultation

Subspecialty Exam Blueprints and Daily Schedules