Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine

Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Exam Description

The examination in blood banking/transfusion medicine is a one-day, computer-based examination consisting of combined Written and Practical questions in each section of the examination. The examination is administered as follows:

Bloodbanking/Transfusion MedicineTotal Number of QuestionsTotal Time
 Combined Written/Practical Sections 2806 Hrs. 22 Mins

All questions are multiple-choice and in the one-best-answer format. The questions are designed to measure the candidate’s body of knowledge and problem-solving ability. The practical examination includes graphs, charts, formulas, diagrams, tables, or other images.

Subject areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Blood, Plasma, Components donor criteria; collection and storage; processing, labeling, and storage; indications for use; and consultation
  • Immunohematology, Genetics, Transplantation and Cellula Therapies; blood groups, antigen/antibody detection and identification, immune hemolytic anemias, hemolytic disease of the newborn, tissue and organ transplantation and consultation, compatibility testing, tissue banking
  • Transfusion Practices and Sequelae blood component therapy; specific clinical aspects, indications, and consultation; transfusion techniques; sequelae; and consultation
  • Hemapheresis, Donor Apheresis, Therapeutic Apheresis clinical indications and consultation, procedures and techniques, complications and consultations
  • History, Administration, Management, and Regulation AABB standards, FDA regulations, quality control and assurance, general management principles

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