Practice Tutorial for Certification Exams

Practice Tutorial for Certification Exams

The Practice Tutorial will help familiarize you with the functions and features of taking the exam(s). It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and you may revisit the tutorial as many times as you like.

The Practice Tutorial can be accessed here.

Monitor Settings

While taking the Practice Tutorial, if the static images and or virtual microscopies appear blurry, dark or washed out, ensure your monitor settings are set at the specifications listed below for the best viewing.

If you have difficulty while in the Pearson VUE test center, ask the proctor to assist you in adjusting the monitor settings before proceeding with your exam.

Your monitor settings should be set at:

• Brightness/Contrast – 75/75

• Color – Standard

• Aspect Ratio – Wide 16:9

• Sharpness – 50