For the current requirements for certification, please see the Booklet of Information.   August 27, 2020


Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)

UME Requirement

Applicants for certification by the ABPath must have graduated from one of the following.

UME Documents Required with Application

Applicants must upload a copy of their medical school diploma (along with an English translation if issued outside the United States in a language other than English), showing the medical degree and the date that it was awarded. If a copy is not available, graduates of United States or Canadian medical schools may upload a letter from the Dean’s office of their medical school certifying that they graduated from medical school, stating the medical degree and the date that it was awarded. A certificate showing that the applicant has passed a final examination is not acceptable.

Medical Licensure

There are no exceptions to the licensure requirements.


Autopsy Requirements

The ACGME autopsy log is located on the ACGME website under "Specialty Specific Reports." The log includes age group, gender, primary diagnosis (as would be reported on a death certificate) and PGY year the autopsy was performed. 

ACGME autopsy reportlocation

Do not include any identifying information on the log (e.g. case#, medical record#), this would be a violation of HIPPA.

The ACGME autopsy log will look like the sample log below:


RCPSC trained residents only- Select the link below to access the ABPath autopsy form.

Autopsy Submission Form RCPSC trained residents only


Primary/Subspecialty Training Requirements

Please referto the Booklet of Information for complete training requirements. 


 The primary and Subspecialty Certifications offered by the ABPath are listed below:

Primary Certifications

Subspecialty Certifications

Physician-Scientist Research Pathway


GENERAL REQUIREMENTS See the Booklet of Information