As part of the Continuing Certification (CC) Program, reporting forms must be submitted to ABPath every two years. Reporting occurs on either an even or odd reporting schedule. If a diplomate is enrolled into the CC Program in an even-numbered year, reporting will be due by the end of every even-numbered year. If enrollment occurs in an odd-numbered year, reporting forms will be due by the end of every odd-numbered year. For example, a pathologist enrolled in 2020 would have reporting forms due in 2022, 2024, etc.

Specific two-year periods are called "reporting periods". A 10-Year Cycle consists of five reporting periods. Reporting forms which cover any given reporting period are accessed via the CC Program page in PATHway. Only activities completed during or after a reporting period may be used to fulfill a period's reporting requirements. Activities may not be banked, saved, or rolled forward to meet future requirements.

Reporting forms consist of the following parts:


Lifelong Learning

Improvement in Medical Practice

Diplomates Not in Active Practice

Diplomates not in active practice may flag themselves as Clinically Inactive for a given reporting period. Clinical inactivity is a special status reserved for those not working in the field of pathology or whose work is entirely academic, administrative, or research in nature. Those reporting the completion of a fellowship or Physician-Scientist Research Pathway should not flag themselves as Clinically Inactive.

Reporting Past the Normal Due Date

Please see the Meeting CC Requirements Late page for information about completing reporting past the normal submission deadline.


ABPath asks diplomates to keep records of completed or reported activities for at least three years. Random audits are conducted yearly to ensure accurate reporting. If selected for an audit, please provide all requested materials in a timely manner. ABPath reserves the right to audit any CC reporting form and the activities reported therein, even after form approval has been given.