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  • The designation clinically inactive will apply to any diplomate who reports to the ABPath that they were not involved in direct or consultative patient care for the full twenty-four month CC reporting period.
    • Working forensic pathologists are not clinically inactive.
    • Diplomates in fellowship programs are not clinically inactive.
    • Pathologists working only in an academic, administrative, or research position may report as clinically inactive.
  • Diplomates reporting as clinically inactive for consecutive CC reporting periods must provide ABPath with a letter of explanation for the lapse in active practice.  Letters may be faxed to 813-289-5279 or e-mailed to
  • Diplomates reporting as clinically inactive are required to continue participating in CC in order to maintain current certification status.
    • They must continue to submit reporting forms to the ABPath every two years.
      • Reporting as Clinically Inactive waives Improvement in Medical Practice requirements and any applicable evaluations for that period.
    • They must meet the ABPath-approved Patient Safety Course requirement for each 10-Year Cycle.
    • They must continue to meet the Assessment requirement for each certificate enrolled in CC.

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