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 ABPCL is now available 3


July 20, 2021- We are pleased to announce the newest version of ABPath CertLink (ABPCL) is now available and ready for quarter 3.  

ABPCL can be accessed at on your laptop or desktop computer.  Participants should have received an email from ABPCL informing them that they may now log in and design their new assessment. If you have difficulty accessing ABPCL we suggested trying Chrome as your web browser.


Please be aware of a few important points:

Password – To access the upgraded ABPCL you will be required to reset your password for security purposes. 

Mobile App - The previous mobile app for ABPCL will no longer work. We will notify diplomates when the new mobile app (ABPCL 2.0) is available for approved IOS and Android tablets. Meanwhile, ABPCL will be accessible through your web browser.

Past Performance - When you log in to the upgraded platform you will find a clean slate with no past participation, performance or question history available. This is intentional as we have wiped all records clean. Rest assured, that your past participation is recorded and will count toward your participation requirements. 


We have also created the short video below to familiarize you with the improvements and updates we have made to the platform with the recent upgrade. 

We hope you enjoy the newest version of ABPath CertLink (ABPCL)! If you have any questions, please contact ABPath at



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July 19, 2021- In this article written by Dr. Katie O’Reilly, she shares how ABPath CertLink (ABPCL) helps her assess her knowledge and stay current as a practicing pathologist.


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Katie O’Reilly, MD, Laboratory Medical Director for Peterborough Regional Health Center, Ross Memorial Hospital, Northumberland Hills Hospital, and Campellford Memorial Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario*

We are pleased to announce we will be launching the newest version of ABPCL this week. The upgrade will include many enhancements to provide a better user experience. Read about the upcoming improvements here



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